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I feel you. Going through something like that as well. But we’ll power through though. We’ll get it

Thank you. :-) Hearing/reading that helps. I really feel like I’m treading water. Its getting exhausting.

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As a dental student, I concur with your dentist.

Good, good! I needed a second opinion. LOL

My dentist says my teeth are mine
The best typo I’ve made this week in the sherlolly chat with canibecandid

Wanna keep me company?


Being a person is getting too complicated.
Margaret Atwood, The Edible Woman (via antipathisch)

Its so lovely and tragic. It’s beautiful. 




A Republican political ad targeted at women.

I snorted.

"Women can’t appeal to real politics so let’s make it like they’re in a romantic relationship with the president because men and relationships are all they think about"